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Production LineColored steel sandwich panel production line
Production LineColored steel sandwich panel production line
case :
Colored steel sandwich panel production line can produce PU building materials, which take high quality colored steel as upper material and hard high density PU as sandwich, and solidified by high pressure foaming and controlled by double track. The products have the advantage of fireproof, waterproof, heat insulation, good looking and long life, etc. 
Double track continuous polyurethane sandwich panel production line mainly includes hydraulic uncoiler, film cutting device, rolling former, preheater unit, double track laminator, high pressure foaming machine, automatic cutting machine, cooling system, palletizing packaging. A set of continuous production line connected by data control system with unit of different function, each unit is equipped with mechanical and electrical system.
The production line is very suitable for producing large quantities of polyurethane sandwich panels for its high efficiency, good synchronism, high automation, density uniformity and foam honeycomb structure, which is the first choice for building big high quality architecture.
The capacity of production line is 3-8 meters per minute, the specification of composite plate as following:
Length: 3-18m
Width: 1200mm
Thickness: 20-150mm
The effective length of double track is 24m, total power is 300kw.

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